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Watch How much Quicker You Can Make Your Mortgage
Disappear With The Extra Repayment Calculator

Have a go with the mortgage extra repayment calculator and start analyzing how much better off you can be.

When you make additional repayments over and above the contractual minimum required it will make a difference as to how much sooner you’re able to pay your mortgage off.

Nearly all home loans start out with a 30 year term and many home owners get lulled into complacency as to how much they end up paying in interest over that 30 year term.

Even a few dollars a week can make a noticeable difference in the shortening of your overall loan term. That in itself can add up quickly to many thousands of dollars.

We appreciate that you’re not going to realise those savings in cash in your pocket tomorrow. However, focus on the long term benefits of how you can help your kids get a better education, a better start in life, a better home sooner, more money for your retirement etc.

As opposed to having that mortgage millstone around your neck all the way up to retirement and possibly beyond.

How Does The Extra Repayment Calculator Work?

All you simply do is type in your loan numbers and the details of your extra repayment amounts.

You can put in regular extra as well as lump sum payments to see how much you can reduce your loan term by and how much interest you’ll save.

A mortgage is one of the biggest, if not the biggest financial commitments most people make in their lifetimes. On averages a mortgage can last a home owner anything up to 25 t0 30 years. That’s a substantial time period over which one is continually having to shell out mortgage payments.

Therefore it can behoove any mortgage holder to look for ways to shorten their loan term, which in turn is going to reduce the amount of interest the borrower is going to end up paying

One of the simpler strategies for getting your money to work better for you is to budget ways to find small amounts of extra cash to put towards your home loan. Also, if you come into possession of any lump sums, consider putting those into you home loan.

You’ll find interest saved, is interest earned and it’s tax free. Think about it; in this current low interest rate environment, if you were to put $1 million dollars into a term deposit you would be struggling to get more than 1.5% annual interest rate return. And, that would taxable.

One of the least complicated ways to put your money to good work, is to put it towards your home loan as additional and lump sum payments.

It doesn’t really matter where that extra money comes from, it could be in the way of a gift, tax refund, bonus earned at work, or you just get smarter with your money and find you can save more.

No matter what or where it comes from, the sooner you can start putting extra amounts toward your home loan over and above the minimum required your motivation levels will exponentially start to rise.

The benefit you and your family will receive will be in the way of saving significant amounts off of your home loan and result in the saving of tens of thousands of dollars in interest.