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The Borrowing Capacity Calculator illustrates
your borrowing Potential

The borrowing capacity calculator is designed to give you an insight into what your borrowing potential is going to be.

Although, it’s worthwhile keeping in mind that your final borrowing capacity will be determined by the lender you choose, as each lender has their own set of borrowing capacity rules.

An Online Borrowing Capacity Calculator Is Only A Guideline

Any online borrowing capacity Calculator can only show you what your approximate borrowing power is going to be. Each individual lender has their own individual policies on how much they are prepared to lend to any specific applicant.

Should you want to discover what your true borrowing power is going to be, contact an expert mortgage broker who will have access to each individual lenders borrowing capacity calculators.

A good mortgage broker can be the difference between delivering your dream home or leaving you wondering on what could have been.